I don’t wanna be a teacher!

Teaching is difficult. When I was training to be a teacher I wanted to inspire students and help them love learning. I wanted them to have fun in my classroom, and LOVE science. Afterall, science is the expression of God’s creativity and the beauty of life is seen throughout its dimensions.This beauty is enthralling and I want to share this with my students.

But as a teacher, especially a high school teacher, I have learned that I also need to do things that are not so much fun. I need to discipline. I need to challenge my students. I also have to ask them to work. Most students are just not receptive to this. Instead of wonder and rapture at the beauty of learning there are times I get apathy, attitude and sass. It’s not all the time, but when it happens it’s not too nice.

Being a teacher also means dealing with the problems in a student’s life, such as the fallout of their separating parents or the worry they feel for their troubled friends. I am sad for them as I feel their broken hearts. These are also the times that it’s not much fun being a teacher.

I wish that teaching can always be enjoyable, but it’s impossible. There is always going to be tough times no matter how great a position you have or how much you love your profession or your students. Teacher, get used to it. Teaching and parenting are a lot alike in this way.

I guess we need to just keep working, loving, inspiring, disciplining, praying, challenging and teaching. Keep working to make them love learning. Enjoy the good times, and just accept that the tough times are part of the job, too. #teacherslife #lovedesk


What is Christmas? A day after look at the holiday

Christmas is more than just gift giving, family gatherings, song singing and Christmas eve candles. All are wonderful and special, and can actually be very spiritual. But the truest meaning of Christmas is this: that God, the very God, and there can be only one by definition, would become flesh, and visit and live among us on the earth as a real, live person. This true meaning of Christmas encompases the universe and is so grand to humanity in several important ways.


We love gift giving…but Christmas is even greater

Christmas is grand in its reach. Christmas is for humanity across the nations. Christmas doesn’t just apply to one segment of people who are Christ followers but to all people. It is what gives humanity hope that God is available to all mankind.

Christmas is grand in it timelessness. Christmas does not only apply to the1st century through 21st century. The coming of Christ was announced in the Garden of Eden and anticipated until Christ’s birth. It has since changed the course of history, and its relevance cannot be denied. Christmas will continue to be relevant for all future eternities.


The love and wonder of our children and grandchildren is beautiful but Christmas is even grander than that

Christmas is grand in its depth. The love of Christ can touch us deep in our soul, and no soul is out of it’s reach. Christ comes calling, “I love you,” to each one of us, even to the vilest of mankind and even to the one who rejects Him.

Christmas is grand in its completion. Jesus the Christ came to earth and lived as a flesh and blood, bonafide man. Yet, he lived a perfect, sinless life. This type of life is so difficult for us to understand because it is something we are not able to do. Christ then gave up his life in death, as an atonement for the sins of all mankind. His sacrifice enables each one of us to live in peace for all eternity. Christ gives our life completion.

Christmas is transforming. This love that enters our hearts and removes our sins transforms us into a new person. Just receive it and you will see.

Let’s endeavor to know this grand reality of Christmas and share its message in words and selfless deeds. It will be your sweetest Christmas ever.

Christmas is greater in scope than we can fully comprehend and no trinket nor decoration can capture it. Christ’s love is grand in reach, timelessness, depth, completion and transformation.



Real Stuff

african violet

The African violet on the shelf in my kitchen. I don’t know how or why it has bloomed and become so beautiful. I guess just the right food, light and environment and help from the Creator. True to life.

I have been writing a blog on and off for a few years. I have also been writing journal articles, sermons, lessons, etc for a long- long- time. I realize that my writing is often general, or even, more theological than practical. Now being spiritually “born-again” at the age of 23 after growing up in the inner city, a teacher of over twenty years in every type of school out there, a mom of three sons, a step-mom, and a wife of a husband with ptsd, you would think I would have a plethora of things to write about. Well, I do, but I didn’t. Instead my writing was sort of general, non-specific and safe.

But I am changing. Instead, I plan to write about the real stuff. The things that I really deal with- things that might make people laugh, wonder, smile, shake their heads, look at me a little different, or even pray for me. In sharing plainly and even specifically about things, I might encourage others and even myself at the same time. I might have an effect on other people and the way they see their own situations. I might be a factor of change and bring hope in a person’s life.  We’ll see. I certainly hope so!

Am I Ready? Please wish me luck.

The Christian Response to the Christian Response

I heard various sentiments yesterday from the faith community in response to the Supreme Court’s decision to force the States to recognize same sex marriages. “This is so sad…a terrible day for God’s Kingdom…America will be judged.”

I say, let us think about what has really changed, and let’s respond in a manner that’s both Historically Christian and Scripturally Correct.

The church- the Kingdom of Heaven on earth- has always existed inside a sinful culture. This is why God sent His Son Jesus: to seek and save the lost. In fact, our culture today is far ‘better’ than the culture surrounding the early church. The early church- the new church after Christ ascended to heaven- existed within a culture even more distant from the faith than ours. This decision yesterday that allows men to marry men or women to marry women is not very different from the habits of the culture facing Peter, Paul, James, John, Jude, Apollo, Aquila, Priscilla, Timothy, Rhoda, Lydia, Tabitha, and the other converts of the Christian faith. Yet, the gospel thrived and grew exponentially in this culture. Why? Because the church was a light and the Gospel had, and still has, the power to give New Life.

So let’s stop whining and debating the point. Let’s respond in the way God has directed us: Shine in a dark place. Don’t hide your lampstand. Shine bright! In fact, if each of us had been doing our job better- shining brightly- than perhaps this culture would not have deteriorated like this.

What does it mean to “shine bright?”

First of all, it means LOVE. Love God. Love your Neighbor
Share the Good News. Disciple. Fulfill the Great Commission.

Live a life so well lived that exudes the New Life that the gospel provides. Our lives should exude love, joy and peace, patience, kindness, and goodness, gentleness, faithfulness and self-control.

We cannot change the culture in any other way.

So what was your response? Are you afraid? Discouraged? Don’t be.

Utilize the power of God. The Gospel is the power of God for the Salvation of everyone who believes. Share the Gospel. Love. Give. Pray. The power of God will shine through you and transform those around you.

We will see many of our loved ones changed and transformed.

Another question for the church: Why is our cry against homosexuality outside the church greater than the cry of adultery and fornication within the church?

All sex outside that of a man and woman solely and forever committed to one another is wrong, whether homosexual or heterosexual. God’s intention is that we are monogamous and faithful to our one partner of the opposite sex for all of our lives. This is not only God’s law but it is the natural order.

Jesus hated divorce, although he “allowed” it under certain conditions where the marriage covenant was broken and both parties were not willing to submit to one another, change and forgive.

Ok, so let’s sum up this Christian’s Response to the Christian Response.

Stop whining, murmuring and complaining.

Love God.

Love your neighbor.

Live well.


Share the Gospel.

Shine Brightly!

Judge within the church, not outside the church.

Leave the rest up to God!

Good News

If God is willing to send a part of himself -his very son Jesus- down to the earth to sacrifice his life for you and for me and for all humanity- to give it unto death- then he is worthy to be trusted with the large and small issues in your life. (Would you give your life if you were completely innocent for those who were not? That must be love!) You can trust God. Give God your heart (your affections, your inner man, your past, your future) and receive the love He has for you as shown by this selfless and pure sacrifice. When you trust God, He will give you a real peace and joy of heart – a new life- that you have never experienced before. It is an amazing thing.

As Jesus resurrected, we do as well when we put our faith in God. We get a new lease on life so to speak. We are actually made new.

Rejoice in the Resurrection: You have a new life today! It’s that simple.
Have a happy Easter because of this good news!