How Fervent are You?

Upon waking I go over to my prayer spot – just a comfy chair in my sitting room – I kneel and lean upon the seat of the chair, head down, hands folded, and pray my silent prayers. Well lately, the needs in my life have become especially urgent. You know we all have those times in our lives when things are just difficult. Money is short, jobs uncertain, difficult teenagers, someone may be sick, disagreement with your spouse, a change in circumstances, add your own situation here______________…the scenarios in life that challenge us are virtually endless. There are times such as these when all our own self efforts seem pretty futile. It’s during these times of seemingly hopelessness that you have to pray more.

It’s during these tougher times that the regular routine types of prayers seem especially  ineffective. As I pondered this thought the scripture came back to me…The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much. If I want my prayers to mean something they have to be fervent. That means when I pray, I pray HARD, and let God know I am really counting on Him. I might pray aloud, and my prayers are specific. I pray believing that the only one who can answer my prayers is God. I pray believing God is there, He cares and is listening. That’s a fervent prayer.

Fervent prayer has fervor…or fever! Pray like you are in hot water and that you need God’s help getting out. God rewards this type of prayer because regardless of what you believe about God, it’s true that God wants to help you…no matter what you’ve done. And it true that God is a rewarding of those who diligently seek him. As long as you come to Him in a humble way repenting of your past, He wants to help you. It is never correct to think that you are not worthy of God answering your prayers, no matter how many times you’ve sinned. The scriptures say to….. Cast your cares on God because he cares for you.

Hey, pray like you mean it. Pray like you need God, don’t just go through the motions. Pray and keep praying until God turns your situations around for your good as the Apostle Paul describes in the book of Romans 8:28 …And He works all things out for the good for those who love God….He will, but you must believe in Him and believe Him for His answers.

Pray today, and pray hard!


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