Be a refreshing river.

Five Rivers Sunday School Connections

Greetings Family!

Just about one week ago First Assembly of God in Elkton, Maryland received a new name: Five Rivers. We celebrated together, it was a wonderful time!

Why ‘Rivers’? Well, rivers provide much needed life! Water is life. A river is full of oxygen, moves swiftly to provide water in it’s path, and people come to it for refreshing. We want to be that river.

We call ourselves Five Rivers to symbolize the people in our area that we want to nourish with the love of God- the refreshing of God- the people who live around the Elk, Susquehanna, Bohemia, Northeast and Sassafras rivers. We also have five reasons for being: to Exalt God, Encourage Others, Edify God’s People (everyone!), Equip for Ministry, and Evangelize the World.

So now what? As part of Five Rivers, this church that you and I love, how are you fulfilling the meaning of…

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