Why I Follow Jesus

There are many philosophies in this world. Especially after you have aged, been educated, traveled, met numerous individuals, read many books, and watched many documentaries you have heard many different opinions, religions, mindsets, philosophies etc. I am no exception. But what has got me-really got me- after seeing and doing it all- is Jesus.

He said he was God. He said he came from God Almighty- the Creator of the Universe. He also showed himself to be God by performing miracles (miracle after miracle after miracle) and being raised from the dead. He had compassion. He had more love than anyone could muster. He had more love than all of us combined could muster. (Who else would die for another even though he never made mistakes himself?) Jesus had the words of life- what He taught changed people (and still does) and gave hope, a hope that nothing else could give.

Most of all, I follow Jesus because He gave me a new life. After trying all the other philosophies out there, nothing else could change me or make me right- ONLY Jesus. Jesus made me RIGHT. Not perfect, but right. He gives us His righteousness. He is the only one that is right- perfectly right- and when we place our faith in Him, He makes us right, too.

There is only one that is righteous- Jesus. He never made a mistake. He came to earth as a man- fully God yet also fully a man, and in His humanity, He never sinned. When we believe in Him we become righteous, too, because His death- which He endured even though He did nothing wrong, atoned for all of our unrighteousness. He paid a price He didn’t owe. So, when we put our faith in Jesus we are forgiven of all our mistakes (all, big and small) and we become completely and totally right. Right, righteous, forgiven, made whole, restored, redeemed, no fault, fully alive, fully well, hopeful, not lost, not confused, at peace. Right.

This is why I follow Jesus.


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