Life in this world is a balancing act: Balancing love for others, laughter and play with reverence for the Lord and keeping Him Lord of everything in your life. Though we should refocus at all times-daily, nightly and when needed throughout the day- the Lord gives us the Sabbath as a special day to refocus.

Refocus on God. Throw out the cares of this world. He says to even cast our cares on Him.

Exchange your cares for God’s presence.


Lord, help me to refocus my mind on you.

Thank you that you helped me through this day.

Help me, Lord, to turn to you at all times even though I am in this world

Help me to keep the cares of this world only second to you.

Help me to keep a balance of caring for others but turning to you for strength and wisdom

Help me to love others yet love you most

Help me to serve in the world yet keep you as my Lord

Help me to laugh and play yet bow before your throne

Lord, keep me from being self sufficient. Help me turn again and again to you for strength. Help me to tell others about you yet be willing to listen to their fears and cares.

Help me to balance being truthful yet kind.

Thank you for keeping me, and redirecting me

For you, Lord, are my King, though I live in this world,

I live for you as I live my life with others

Thank you for refocusing and keeping me in the palm of your righteous right hand

Now I go forth. Cleanse me. Guide me. Keep me on a straight path.

Help me to live for you in everything I choose to do.

Help me to represent you correctly.

Please bring others into my path that need to know you, Lord.

May I be able to show them your love by what I do.


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