What is Christmas? A day after look at the holiday

Christmas is more than just gift giving, family gatherings, song singing and Christmas eve candles. All are wonderful and special, and can actually be very spiritual. But the truest meaning of Christmas is this: that God, the very God, and there can be only one by definition, would become flesh, and visit and live among us on the earth as a real, live person. This true meaning of Christmas encompases the universe and is so grand to humanity in several important ways.


We love gift giving…but Christmas is even greater

Christmas is grand in its reach. Christmas is for humanity across the nations. Christmas doesn’t just apply to one segment of people who are Christ followers but to all people. It is what gives humanity hope that God is available to all mankind.

Christmas is grand in it timelessness. Christmas does not only apply to the1st century through 21st century. The coming of Christ was announced in the Garden of Eden and anticipated until Christ’s birth. It has since changed the course of history, and its relevance cannot be denied. Christmas will continue to be relevant for all future eternities.


The love and wonder of our children and grandchildren is beautiful but Christmas is even grander than that

Christmas is grand in its depth. The love of Christ can touch us deep in our soul, and no soul is out of it’s reach. Christ comes calling, “I love you,” to each one of us, even to the vilest of mankind and even to the one who rejects Him.

Christmas is grand in its completion. Jesus the Christ came to earth and lived as a flesh and blood, bonafide man. Yet, he lived a perfect, sinless life. This type of life is so difficult for us to understand because it is something we are not able to do. Christ then gave up his life in death, as an atonement for the sins of all mankind. His sacrifice enables each one of us to live in peace for all eternity. Christ gives our life completion.

Christmas is transforming. This love that enters our hearts and removes our sins transforms us into a new person. Just receive it and you will see.

Let’s endeavor to know this grand reality of Christmas and share its message in words and selfless deeds. It will be your sweetest Christmas ever.

Christmas is greater in scope than we can fully comprehend and no trinket nor decoration can capture it. Christ’s love is grand in reach, timelessness, depth, completion and transformation.




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