Monthly Archives: March 2017

I don’t wanna be a teacher!

Teaching is difficult. When I was training to be a teacher I wanted to inspire students and help them love learning. I wanted them to have fun in my classroom, and LOVE science. Afterall, science is the expression of God’s creativity and the beauty of life is seen throughout its dimensions.This beauty is enthralling and I want to share this with my students.

But as a teacher, especially a high school teacher, I have learned that I also need to do things that are not so much fun. I need to discipline. I need to challenge my students. I also have to ask them to work. Most students are just not receptive to this. Instead of wonder and rapture at the beauty of learning there are times I get apathy, attitude and sass. It’s not all the time, but when it happens it’s not too nice.

Being a teacher also means dealing with the problems in a student’s life, such as the fallout of their separating parents or the worry they feel for their troubled friends. I am sad for them as I feel their broken hearts. These are also the times that it’s not much fun being a teacher.

I wish that teaching can always be enjoyable, but it’s impossible. There is always going to be tough times no matter how great a position you have or how much you love your profession or your students. Teacher, get used to it. Teaching and parenting are a lot alike in this way.

I guess we need to just keep working, loving, inspiring, disciplining, praying, challenging and teaching. Keep working to make them love learning. Enjoy the good times, and just accept that the tough times are part of the job, too. #teacherslife #lovedesk