How to Survive the Tough Times

Your word is a lamp for my feet,

a light on my path.

Psalm 119:105
No matter what is happening in our lives, we can be guided by the Word of God. This Word is both a spoken and a written Word. The Word spoken is by the Holy Spirit of God as we pray and speak to Him. The written Word of God is found in the pages of inspired Scripture. When we hear and read His Word, He illuminates our heart and mind.


Trust God. He will guide you continually. Allow Him to hold you during the rough times. Like a person wearing a life jacket trusts it to them afloat, trust God to take you through the rough seas. God only wants to help, heal, and provide for you.


Try this exercise. Close your eyes. Find a place of perfect peace. There is no problem at all. All will be handled. Think about peace and goodness and tranquility. Let all the worry, anxiety and sadness go. In that place, there is God. He will handle your problem. He will tackle your issue for you. Trust Him. Feel His love.


When you trust God in the midst of your trials, you will see and feel Him give you new strength. Continue to trust and your strength will grow. Soon you will be able to say, “My God saw me through.” Then give testimony, and soon you will even encourage another person to have new strength in their situation.


So how do we survive the tough times? Trust God. Allow His Word to guide and heal you. The specific things that need to happen to be shown to you. Continue to trust. Allow your faith to be a blessing to another. 

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