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Truth Cry


The LORD is near to all who call on him.” Then the emphasis is added: “to all who call on him in truth.” Have you truthfully cried out to God? I am reminded that God doesn’t mind if you are mad. Last night, I was so angry about something- someone- that I was screaming and I was asking God “why?” I awoke to this verse:

The LORD is near to all who call on him, to all who call on him in truth.” He fulfills the desires of those who fear him, he hears their cry and saves them. Psalm 145:18-19

God is real (you know that) and we must be real with Him. Don’t go away from God, but call on him. Don’t shout at God. Shout to God! He hears your cry, and He WILL save you. He doesn’t mind if you cry out to Him, in fact this verse tells us that we should cry out and call on Him. You can trust God. He is everlastingly faithful. He’s faithful from the infinitesimally minute to the infinitely grand, to those who fear (reverence) Him.

Go ahead. Sometimes we need to cry out! He hears. He loves you. He cares. He will save you in the right time, in the right place, you just need to trust Him.

“All of my life in every season you are still God I have a reason to sing. I have a reason to worship.” Hillsong United


A New Purpose for Church

Don’t just attend church service this Sunday. EMBRACE a relationship with God.


Come EXPECTING a true and real touch from the Holy Spirit.


Come expecting the Lord to touch your soul as you WORSHIP Him.


Come ready to enter Into the fullness of His presence and Word as expressed in the Scriptures. Don’t just read through the Scriptures, take them into your being. SOAK them in.


Don’t go to church out of obligation or ritual, come to the house of the living God and be made NEW, be made REFRESHED, be made RESTORED.


God is REAL, so when you are truly in His presence, by FAITH, you have no choice but to be CHANGED.

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The Hard Things

One of the things that really bother me sometimes is silence- silence about the hard things: those difficult and controversial topics that we see and hear around us.

When Jesus walked the earth, He did not shy away from the hard things. Why do we?

Humanity needs the church to step up and address such things. Not in a judgmental way, but lovingly and truthfully. Yes, the Bible has already addressed these things but not everyone reads or understands it in it’s correct context, right? So as leaders, ministers and scholars in the church we need to bring the truth to the forefront. We need to talk about things and behaviors that are hurting people, destroying families and killing our culture. We can’t be shy. We can’t be quiet.

Why are we quiet? Why do we more often talk about the things that are less important? Maybe, just maybe, this is why some of our churches are empty, or ineffective.

If we love others we will warn them of dangers ahead, right? If someone is walking off a cliff won’t we try to stop them? Should we say…

“That’s ok.”

“If you want to do it who am I to judge.”

“It’s not my business.”

“I can’t talk about that.”

“I don’t have time.”

“They will be angry.”

“If I say something then they would know… I did the same thing.”

Why are we quiet? Good question. Any answers?

Lord, help us address the hard things. Make us speak up. Make us shout the dangers ahead, especially if we have already been there and know truly how bad it is. Help us save our children, our neighborhoods, our communities. Our world.

Thank you, Lord. With your help we can talk about the hard things. Give us strength and wisdom and the power of Your might and Word. Amen!


Life in this world is a balancing act: Balancing love for others, laughter and play with reverence for the Lord and keeping Him Lord of everything in your life. Though we should refocus at all times-daily, nightly and when needed throughout the day- the Lord gives us the Sabbath as a special day to refocus.

Refocus on God. Throw out the cares of this world. He says to even cast our cares on Him.

Exchange your cares for God’s presence.


Lord, help me to refocus my mind on you.

Thank you that you helped me through this day.

Help me, Lord, to turn to you at all times even though I am in this world

Help me to keep the cares of this world only second to you.

Help me to keep a balance of caring for others but turning to you for strength and wisdom

Help me to love others yet love you most

Help me to serve in the world yet keep you as my Lord

Help me to laugh and play yet bow before your throne

Lord, keep me from being self sufficient. Help me turn again and again to you for strength. Help me to tell others about you yet be willing to listen to their fears and cares.

Help me to balance being truthful yet kind.

Thank you for keeping me, and redirecting me

For you, Lord, are my King, though I live in this world,

I live for you as I live my life with others

Thank you for refocusing and keeping me in the palm of your righteous right hand

Now I go forth. Cleanse me. Guide me. Keep me on a straight path.

Help me to live for you in everything I choose to do.

Help me to represent you correctly.

Please bring others into my path that need to know you, Lord.

May I be able to show them your love by what I do.

It’s Sunday

It’s Sunday. An icy one at that. No church today at Five Rivers due to dangerous road and parking lot conditions.

But that will not change the Sabbath. The Sabbath: “A day of rest.”  Oh how I am grateful for that! Can you imagine working each and every day without one day of rest?! Everyone likes that idea.

However the Sabbath is more than that. It is the day to love and honor God. One day out of our seven you are to give exclusively to God. If you don’t pray and worship God on the other six days of the week, you’d better do it at least this one day. God should get one day of your attention.

The Sabbath is not optional. Commandment five: Remember the Sabbath day by keeping it holy. God demands the Sabbath. However, He made it for your good to nurture your body, mind and spirit. Just like you demand your children to do certain things- not out of your own selfishness, but out of your love and care for them.

God deserves the Sabbath. He deserves some of you. He made you and everything around you. He has provided everything you need. From your great need of salvation to your simplest need for daily bread, and everything else in between: friends, beauty, love, children, companionship, nature, space, pets, water, laughter, comfort, provision, healing…

You need the Sabbath. Not only does your body need a day of rest, but your spirit needs God.  Every human being is made with a spiritual component. You cannot deny there is a spirit part of man.  It is this part that especially needs God, and without your relationship to God, the rest of your being- your physical, mental and emotional parts- will suffer. When you refocus spiritually- when you look to God, He reveals your spiritual condition.

Others need you to keep the Sabbath. When you refocus spiritually you see the needs around you, and not just your own. Society needs the Sabbath.

I will keep the Sabbath today even if I don’t go to church. I will pray and read God’s Word. When my clan wakes up we’ll read and pray as a family. We’ll sing an old hymn together (even to the sighs of my teenaged sons.) We’ll worship together. Then I’ll rest the remaining of the day as much as I am able.

Later on, of course, I’ll have to make dinner, do laundry and get ready for a new week, and my “resting” will have to come to an end. This evening, out of necessity, I will begin preparing for tomorrow- I will write some lesson plans and grade a few papers. I’ll check my sons’ school work and help them get ready for the week. At the end of the day, as I lay my head to rest I will thank God for this day and lay everything into His hands and sleep. Tomorrow morning, I will be off as a shot. So for today, I will rest as much as I am able.

Remember that God made the Sabbath for us, to help us. We are not made for the Sabbath. We are not a slave to it. The Sabbath was made so we can get some rest, recharge, and refocus. Do as much of this as you can.

So it’s Sunday. A day of rest. Thank God.

By the way, if you are working on Sunday, that’s ok. Just give yourself (and God) another day to be your Sabbath- pick a day, any day.

Ok, back to resting…before everyone else in my house wakes us 🙂